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The Great St Drostan's Day Garden Fete

& Diocesan BBQ

Sunday 16th July 2017

A fine day saw a crowd of over 80 gather at St Drostan's Tarfside, to help us celebrate     St Drostan's Day and enjoy the companionship of members of other churches in the Diocese, Lodge Users and friends from Glenesk.

The theme this year was "Traditional Church Garden Fete", churches were invited to bring their own fund raising stalls and also share information about their church. Some churches took up this invitation and it made for an interesting variety of goods for sale.    In addition to the stalls, there were a selection of sideshows, including the famous Montrose "WINE from WATER" Game, the Tarfside "IMPOSSIBLE" golf game (only the really bad golfers could score at this!), the Steady Hand Game, TIN CAN ALLEY, and the Whisky Draw, which saw a fine bottle going to one of our annual St Drostan's Day regulars.

The gas barbeque was present again, but the regular "Flipper" had been called away on work duty, however, we were saved at the last minute by two residents of Tarfside, who volunteered to act as Burger Flippers, they did a really good job in keeping the crowd supplied with Burgers and Hot Dogs and the excellent quality of the Burgers was noted by many.

It was also great to welcome passers by into our midst, and especially good to have many Tarfside residents join us for the afternoon. The event also gave people from the Diocese a chance to look around the facilities offered by the Lodge.

The afternoon concluded with a "Songs of Praise" service developed around Evening Prayer, by Rev. Jane Nelson. 52 people filled the church, and although the hymns were backed up by CD music, the congregation was so enthusiastic in their singing that they completely overwhelmed the CD player!


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